Are we a good fit for you?

Our ideal client is an emerging small business, a mid-market company that needs to get to the next level or a larger corporation that wants to refresh its brand and put more muscle in their marketing program. They generally gross 4 to 15 million dollars a year and more.

Current Clients:

PLX Inc.: Designers and manufactures of optical instruments
for defense, space & laboratory industries
Crysalli: Artisan water systems
FOA Son: International insurance brokers
Mar-Tech: Chemical products manufacturer
Swept Away Inc.: Construction, business and home cleaning services
CMX: Mixing and processing equipment
Fork Knife & Spoon Inc.: Personalized chef services

Past Experience:

Airco Inc. (now B.O.C.): Industrial gases, food freezing, and welding equipment
Anaconda Ericsson: Wire and Cable Division
Asea Inc. (now ABB): Robotics, utility power and steel production systems
Bennett X-Ray: Equipment for the medical and veterinary markets
ChickMaster Inc: Hatchery systems
General Electric: Diamond Tool Division
Heine Inc.: Ophthalmic and medical instruments
Hercules Inc.: Plumbing chemicals
McGraw Hill Inc.: Publishing
M&T Plastic Chemicals (now Elf Aquitaine)
Rifkin Radler: Attorneys at Law
Ross Inc.: Mixing equipment
Sumitomo: Speed reducer motors
Sultan Dental Inc.: Chemical Products for Dentists
Thomson Industries Inc.: Linear motion equipment
Tiiger Inc.: Utility industry equipment